Whether you are an investor looking for a new business to fund or a company looking for a loan, we provide you an online marketplace that creates the match.

What do we do?

“Peer-to-Peer Lending” is an emerging alternative to bank financing that creates direct relationships between borrowers and investors through a dedicated, transparent and secure online platform.

Who is the borrower?

Borrowers can range from small local businesses to SMEs requiring funding for treasury management, working capital needs or new business development

Who is the lender?

Essentially non-professional retail investors, but also more qualified institutional investors such as family offices or mutual funds looking to diversify their assets while supporting local businesses

How does it work?

P2P platforms don’t lend their own funds – they act as a platform to match borrowers who are seeking a loan with investors looking for an attractive risk-adjusted yield. After registering on our platform, investors are immediately provided with the key information included in the borrower's application and the results of a check made by an external credit scoring agency, allowing them a transparent analysis. WECREDIT guarantees investor and businesses’ privacy and security, ensuring that the whole process is smooth, fast and successful.

Why borrowers
will love it?

  1. Alternative financing source to SMEs looking for better access to credit
  2. Lower interest rates for quality businesses
  3. Streamlined application processes allowing quick funding decisions

Why lenders
will love it?

  1. Alternative extremely low-cost investment product with stable and predictable returns
  2. Attractive yields in an close-to-zero interest rate environment
  3. Low default rates due to individualised screening processes supported by trustworthy credit agencies

P2P Lending is the new darling of venture capital investors.

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The largest P2P lender in the US, Lending Club, grabbed a $5.4bn valuation in its IPO.

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The British Business Bank made a £40 million investment through peer-to-peer lender Funding Circle.

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